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         Last week, I was able to to participate in a life changing program that showed him the ways this program and many others shape the livelihood of people of the island of Negrence and the people of Bacolod. I participated in a 3 day program where I was able to meet children who have been living on the NVC mingle meal program, fishermen whose lives were changed, old women that found a way to provide for their family’s, former tricycle renters, and malnutrition children. I said to the head of the program ” I was able to experience what it was like to give happiness to those who have small smiles”

The NVC also helps other programs like Peter Project, St. John’s project, and stop hunger foundation. There will be more information so please check out their website:

          People can also support the NVC by not just participating in physical work to help others but they can also donates supplies and funds to help support children and their families. You can sponsor a child for a regular MINGO MEAL pack. MINGO MEALS are malunggay, rice and mungo beans that are powdered  and grinned into small packets which are meant to give more nutritionmingo_eus value to a regular meal as it is not a full meal on its own. I  go to see the production of Mingo meals and many other products that also help support those in need like the dried whole meals for a family from the STOP HUNGER FOUNDATION. More details here:


            You can donate money for polyester boats that are given to fishermen so that they can help support their family better. A lot  fishermen are just renting bdonating-a-boat-300x223oats in order to actually fish in the sea. Their average income is only around 50 pesos a day and when they can’t earn money, they eat their own catch for food. The NVC help by teaching those fishing communities how to fish properly, supplying them boats, and help monitoring their lifestyle. I was able to once again see the impact of the NVC’s support on those fishermen of the island of Negros. I saw the polyester and wooden boats donated by the NVC (they no longer donate wooden boats due to environmental reasons) being used by fishermen catching fish. There will be more details here: 


              So I am here ask if you can also help with this program and help them change the lives of other. Some times all it takes is a little kindness to make a family smile.

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Top 11 Best Soccer Players Right Now!

November 17th, 2016 1 comment

Around the world there is a big discussion about the best player and how will be the best players in the future.

Here is my 11 best players that playing right now! 


GK : Manuel neuer (Germany, Bayern Munich )

The best goalkeeper in the world ( also the best center back (: ).  Help Bayern Munich to win 4 bundesliga wins in a row and to Germany to win the world cup in 2014 and show that he is not only the best GK but also the very good defender.
RB : Hector Bellerin (Spain, Arsenal)

Well ,Arsenal is maybe not the best team in the EPL  but, the fast young player will be one of the bests, and also you should remember there is no so much RB left.

LB : David Alaba (Austria, Bayern Munich)

The LB that can play also as CB and CDM and CM is very young and still is one of the best players in the world.


CB: Javier Mascherano (Argentina, FC Barcelona)

He didet scored yet in Barcelona but he is a CB/CDM.

He have a great game vision and together with Messi help Argentina to get 2 place in world cup and 2 time in Copa america and champions league title  with Barca and 2  La liga wins  in a row.

CB: Giorgio Chiellini (Italy, Juventus )

Solid defender that lead both Italy and  Juventus  for a long time

(spoiler alert!!!!!!) he will have hard time to play in this team with the striker…

CDM: Sergio Busquets (Spain, FC barcelona)

He is not so famous but I am sure FC barcelona will miss him a lot If he will leave because he is a strong part in the TIKI-TAKA midfield.

CM : Kevin De Bruyne (Belgium ,Mun CIty)  

Poor Chelsea… they missed so much big tallens , and he is the biggest one.

£54m Is a really good price for him for mun city which he has a very good season last year

CM: Mesut Ozil (Germany, Arsenal)

A assist and passing  machine… that’s  all..

LW: Neymar de silva santos Junior( Brazil, FC barcelona )

Only 24 and brazil national team best player and one of world’s best players . have big Impact on Barca’s game and Part of the MSN which is the best trio in the game.

ST: Luis Suárez (Uruguay, FC Barcelona)

Yes, he bites , but from the moment he moved to barcelona he changed.

With the gold boot in 2016 and 2 amazing seasons with barca he should be in the top 10 of the Ballon D’or.

RW: Lionel Messi (Argentina, FC Barcelona )

He is the god of football, the best the ever been.

Score amazing goals, assist to much, score free kicks , left and right foot and a lot more.

This players are the best  in the world right now in My opinion.


C.Ronaldo(Portugal, R. Madrid )

De Gea (Spain, Mun United)

Hazard (Belgium , Chelsea)

Mahrez ( Algeria , Leicester City )

Boateng (Germany ,Bayern Munich)

Pogba (France, Mun Untied)

Zlatan Ibrahimovic( Sweden, Mun United)

Dimitri Payet (France, West Ham)

Comment who should be in the list!


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Top 10 UFC Stars right now!

10. BJ Penn

BJ Penn is an american fighter he does Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Boxing. He has very quick and powerful hands that can knockout. He is one of the three people that has two championship belts. He fights in almost all of the weight classes such as the heavyweight! His MMA Record is penn

9. Chuck “The Iceman” Lidell

Chuck Lidell is a veteran in the fight game he has started when he was 12 years old. He does MMA, Boxing and Jiu Jitsu. All round grappler and striker. He will most likely to hit your chin and jaw on a fight. Chuck has an MMA record of 21:8:0. He is one of the veterans of the fight game.
8. Randy Couture

Randy is a veteran on the fight game. He is very strong physically. He has very fast and strong hands. He finished almost all of his fights on the corner of the cage via TKO. He is the first person to get 2 championship world title belts in two weight classes. He is also an actor in the movie of expandables. He has an Record:19-11-0.
randy couture
7. Lyoto “The Dragon” Machida

Lyoto Machida does Karate is very good with his feet, knees and punches. He is very good at making angles to hit your chin and your face. His father taught him how to fight in Japan when he was 12 years old. He has a very quick body. He has the power to knock people out. Record:22-7-0

6. Jon “Bones” Jones
Jon is one the best fighters. His best friend is Anderson Silva they train together. He is very good at striking people with his knee, elbow, hands and feet. He is an allround fighter. He does Muaythai. He has defended his title many times and lost once because of his illegal elbow striking. He has been banned 2 times in UFC for failing drugtests.
5.Chris Weidman

Chris is from USA very good at blocking leg kicks. He does MMA and very good at grappling. He broke Anderson Silva’s leg on his signature legkick block. He has striking power. He is the former middle weight champion.

4. Anderson “The Spider Silva

Anderson is a veteran on fighting. He has a very good reputation for dodging punches. He is very good on Muaythai and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. He uses his kicks, knees, elbows and punches. Record:33-8-0

3.Jose Aldo

Jose is another veteran. He has a reputation of hurting people’s Legs because of his vicious leg kicks. He destroys people with his game plans. His fastest fight was 7 seconds. He has very good striking ability on his knees, punches and elbows. He does soccer as an alternative sport. He is undefeated for 10 years but stopped by Conor Mcgregor recently.
2. Conor Mcgregor

Conor Mcgregor is a unique fighter. He does every single Martial art. He works hard every time. He has the best left hand on UFC due to its quick and power. He used to be a plumber. He does boxing and taekwondo. 3rd person to get 2 championship belts.
1. George St pierre

Simply the GOAT of UFC best of all time. He is planning to come back. He has the best superman punch and leg kicks. He only has 2 lost. He does Boxing, Taekwondo and Jiujitsu. He has the best style of all time.Record: 25-2-0.

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November 17th, 2016 3 comments

As we all know, Trump has recently won the US election, and being a citizen myself from California, I have a lot to say. I come from a family of immigrants from India, but I believe I am as much American as the next person. My family migrated to Northern California in the early 1900’s, and have stayed there ever since. America is my home, and it will always be. California has always been very liberal, so the fact that a more conservative man winning the election was a thought that never came to my mind. I always had thought that Hilary would prevail in the end against all odds, and that this was all a joke, but as shown, the desperation for jobs and fear voted for the people this year.
The moment the results came out I couldn’t breathe. It felt like my whole world has stopped. Yes, I understand Donald Trump might not follow through with everything he says, yet it just put a sense of fear in me. The internet was chocked full of crimes that people had committed against people of color thus far, and my heart nearly stopped. I saw pictures of swastikas, and heard a story of a man pulling down a woman’s hijab and nearly choking her. It was then that I realized this was reality. Donald Trump had won.

There’s no fighting the fact that he would be my president for the next four years or even more. I accept this fact. Yet this somehow doesn’t settle with me. The youth of America are meant to look up to a man who is disrespectful to women, minorities, etc. It just feels like everything our parents have said is suddenly wrong, and we idolize the person who does the opposite of our teachings ingrained in our head.

The next day, as my grandparents called me from America, they spoke of the danger that our community would reach. Islamophobia has heightened tremendously, and although I’m not Muslim, my religion, Sikhism, which is based on a primary of equal rights, are often mistaken for Muslims because most men wear turbans. Because of this, many people target them mistakenly through a serious of hate crimes. With this daunting reality, my heart lurched in my chest.


As much as people may hate protesters, they are exercising their rights as American citizens to protest. America voted Hilary, yet we got Trump. I will never look back on this election fondly, but it is the reality.


The next 4 years might be tough for Americans, but yet this is democracy. Democracy is beautiful yet in this case, tragic. Things aren’t always as they seem.


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How To Manage The Different Activities You Do

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For someone like me, you might just be doing too many activities in and outside of school and throughout this blog post, I will be talking you through how you can handle it.

Now, a lot of people do both sports and academics. Most importantly, you need to manage your time. If you play to much to the point where you don’t complete homework or miss classes, its going to affect your grades and due to this, collages aren’t going to acknowledge you as much.

If you are someone like me who does a lot of things like Girl Scouts, multiple sports, Saturday services, and/or more, Then you have a more difficult life.Image result for person doing many things If you are to have two of the multiple things that happen on the same day/s (example: a sports game or tournament and a Girl Scouts trip) It would be best to do the one that happens once and talk to both the coach and/or leader so you stay on good terms. Its always good to be on good terms.


So what ever you do, there is always  a way to stay on the good sides with everyone and everything. If your life is in some sort of other mess of too many things, all you have to do is think outside the box as you live outside of one.

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3 Tips to Get Ready for a Test!

November 15th, 2016 4 comments

Test’s are one of the most stressful things in a student’s life. These tests help measure the knowledge of a person and know their abilities on a specific topic or subject. Most people are very anxious and scared before and while taking a test. Most of them are scared since they feel like they won’t succeed in the test. Here are 3 tips to get ready for a test! :
Clipart Kid
1.  Use Flashcards!

Flashcards are really helpful when you want to review on definitions or examples. To review using flashcards you can have the word on one of the sides, while the definition on the back. When you have that ready you can do the reviewing by flashing the word and saying the definition while you’re at it or vice-versa.

 2.  Say the words out loud!
Speaking or saying the words out loud several times from your notes really help to memorize them since hearing words a bunch of time really help in memory.

 3.  Writing them down!
Writing down or re-writing down notes also help our memory remember the notes.Tests are really challenging and scary for most of us. But tests also help to know what we know and to help us know what do we need to improve on. Always remember to have Academic Honesty and never cheat in any possible way.



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Three Useful Tips for Reading a Book

November 15th, 2016 3 comments

Three Useful Tips for Reading a Book
Written By: Sally Kim
Translated By: Jenny Byun

Books have a variety of genres and as there are different ways to reading these books, each individual will have a unique reading style. From my perspective, there are three tips that work like magic for reading books and staying focused. Firstly, depending on the book, controlling your surroundings and placing yourself in a spot where you won’t get distracted is really important. Secondly, instead of reading the book silently in your mind, it is better to read it out loud or feel the tone/mood of the story as you are reading it. Thirdly, you can use audiobooks to listen to your book in a variety of languages or watch it as a movie.

First off, adjusting and controlling your reading environment. For example, if the genre are mystery, it is better if you read somewhere dark or silent. This is because the mood of the book is quiet but if it’s noisy, you will be hard to create an image in your head. Of course, there will be some people that thinks ‘They are reading only a book, why do they do like that?’. But I think the person who enjoy to read, will understand these tips.

Next, read aloud. This tip is related to the first tip, which helps you to create the image in your head. If around is noisy, you can’t concentrate, and we could forget what we was reading, so it will be better if you give some effects to your brain by reading out loud. Also, we could feel more lively and immersion.For example, if a preschool teacher was reading a storybook to her class, she would change the voices of the characters to emphasize the story’s tone/mood.

Finally, read in different language version, or watch it as a movie. I’ve done this with the Harry Potter series. If you read in different language, the word that was not well described, will be explained in different ways. By these, you could feel in a different way. It is same as movie. Movie is hard to be long as the book, they summarize or change the contents. It is helpful if you do not understand, or thinking ‘this story could end like this’. Also, when I am reading a book, I am busy with summarizing the book, imagine the scene so I am hard to concentrate on one thing, but the movie, you should just see and listen, and it always shows the image, you could notice some part that you didn’t know when you was reading a book. If you want to find more, click here!

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Donald Trump(s) the US election:

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On November 9th, 2016, the results came in: Donald Trump has won the election for the US presidency. His margin of winning over Hillary was almost comic, with at one time Trump needing only 4 more electoral votes, and Hillary needing over 50 votes. Needless to say, Trump won by a huge margin. However, after news spread that Trump won the presidential elections, there was much outcry, some of it being about the hypocrisy that many people said they’d vote democrat, and yet others complain saying that Trump would cause a disaster, as he is known not to be the most stable person. Many complain about how Trump won, even though Hillary got more votes, however, the fact of the matter is that votes don’t affect the outcome of the elections, the electoral college does, votes usually just sway some opinions in the electoral college. Many have noted, however, that Trump’s attitude has changed from one whom complained consistently, to one whom is much more stable, and respectful to the people of America. Though Trump has said some things that have been questionable, so have other candidates, and, in the end, Donald J. Trump was successful at gaining the most votes, and is as of the writing of this article, the president elect.


The new President elect

Donald J. Trump

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Top 5 ways to find the “Perfect” book By Malvika

November 15th, 2016 8 comments

Books are the main source of life. Reading can help you in many ways and it’s important to find the perfect book for you to enjoy. To enjoy a book, you must have the right book in your hands. How do you know if the book you have in your hands is perfect? Well, let’s explore that.

      1.   The Cover Hunt


The cover of the book is important. A book cover has it’s own life and a beating heart. If you feel the steady heartbeats of the book cover, then go for it. Read the book. If you’re sad, then you might want a book with a cover to cheer you up. The cover should entice you to read it.

  1.        The Title

The title is just as important as the cover and the story. A good title should haunt your thoughts and start capturing your interest. Some titles might bore or interest you, depending on your personality or your mood. The title can be a major part of your decision of if you want to read the book or not.

  1.        The Text

When you open the book, you should find the font or the sentence structures interesting. If the font or the size seizes you, then that is a book you might want to read. Depending on your likes and dislikes, you might want to judge the book based on the sentence structures or the font. But that shouldn’t stop you from reading the book, who knows? It might be a good book even if the structure displeases you.

  1.       The Blurb or Summary

If you have found the cover, the title, and the text interesting, then go ahead and read the blurb. The summary of the book should conquer your mind and let it take control of your head. If it doesn’t capture your interest, then go find another book. The blurb of the book is the important part, aside from the book itself. Found a book with an amazing blurb? Read it.

  1.       The First Page

Lastly, the first page should start making you think. If not the first page, then the first chapter. If you think that the book is not worth your time, then drop it and go find another book that interests you with a beautiful cover, a unique title, a capturing test, an enticing blurb, and a first page or chapter that is worthwhile.


External Links:

Picking The Perfect Book Title


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Top 5 Ways: Annoying Your Parents Into Getting You a Pet

November 15th, 2016 5 comments

Not that I have one, though.

By: Maanya Dewan


Now, if you’re reading this, you want a pet. You’ve looked at all the blogs that tell you to research, and make a presentation, write a letter to them, ‘but don’t annoy them by asking for a pet all the time!’. Well, forget everything you have learned about convincing your parents to get you a pet, and read on! (Not 100% guaranteed to get you a pet!)

  1. Know What Pet You Want


         I know, obvious. But you NEED to know what type of pet you want. Even better, pick out the breed that you would like to get! If you don’t know what breed you want you can check some down here:

Dog Breeds

Cat Breeds

Bunny Breeds

Bird Breeds

Hamster Breeds

  1. Research Some Necessary Facts

         UGH. I know… Research!?

         Basically anything along the lines of… why this pet is good for your lifestyle (apartment, family, hot weather, etc.) or a solution to why your parents don’t want you to get one (e.g, Financial needs, travelling, responsibilities, etc.).

  1. Ask Friends Who Are Pet Owners to Convince Your Parents

         E-mails, letters, conversations, anything that you can do to get your parents to listen. Call your friends over to do some homework, and start up a conversation between them and your parents. Get them to talk about all the benefits of having one, how to care for one, and whether or not they think that your family is ready for one (make sure that they believe that you are ready for a pet, otherwise this could backfire immensely!)

  1. Start Becoming More Responsible

         Having a pet is not always fun and games, you need to show your parents that you are responsible. Make your bed every morning when you wake up, stop losing your water bottle all the time, keep track of all the money that you are spending, get better grades; do anything you can to make more responsible! This won’t just happen overnight, and will most likely take a few months, maybe even a year. But, if you stick to your promises, and gain their trust, you may get the pet that you’ve been asking for!

  1. Bug Your Parents Until They Give In!

         Many articles suggest otherwise, but if you don’t remind them every so often about that pet you want; they might just forget! If you keep bugging them it will be on their mind when they’re at work, cooking, eating breakfast/lunch/dinner, or about to go to bed. Sooner or later, they will start realising that you are ready for one, and give it to you!

Now, don’t give up if it doesn’t work the first time. I’ve been at it for years! But once you start organising the data and just overall being more responsible, you will get the pet soon! Honestly all I want in life right now is a cute little Papillon puppy

QOTD: Do you have any pets? Tell me about them bellow!

Dogs and Cats, (courtsey of PetProtection)

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